Achievement Unlocked 2


  • Achievement Unlocked 2Achievement Unlocked 2

    Achievement Unlocked 2

    By: John

    Published: 2011-8-2

    Category: Action

    Rating: 4/5 rating


    • Relapse Achievement fixed
    • Mac Chrome compatibility patched
    • Panic problems on wheel resolved
    • Happy Face achievement allows for different faces

    This is a game about you.

    Yes you, the player: A lowly blue elephant in a world that has no defining purpose. But you will create a purpose, and that purpose is to do the unthinkable. The extraordinary. The tasks that few have thought to achieve. The world you struggle in pushes back with tremendously nonsensical squares and launchers... coins that pay for things you would only imagine should have been free to begin with. Spikes will be hellbent in causing your demise. This will not be easy. And while the road of purposelessness will be overbearing you will succeed. You know why?

    Because it's your destiny.

    Welcome to metagaming hell.

    Welcome to Achievement Unlocked 2.


    Arrow Keys and WASD to move...