DuckLife 4


  • DuckLife 4DuckLife 4

    DuckLife 4

    By: sims5000

    Published: 2012-2-23

    Category: Other

    Rating: 5/5 rating


    Train your team of ducks to reach the top of the duck racing championship in this long-awaited sequel


    Known bugs: If you are unlucky your money total may turn to NaN at some point. If this happens then right click and select “Give away all your money”. It will make your money total 0 but it’s better than NaN

    Make sure you have the new flash player and if you are on chrome get the new version of chrome. Otherwise crazy things might happen like the game not saving or the arrow keys not working!


Erika Hintze Booth 2012-4-12 love brids
Raviteja Gurram 2012-4-17 great game
Galileo Hughes 2012-4-19 awesome
Shirlei Kamers 2012-6-8 d3
Harrison Samuel 2012-6-8 haahaha d+++ u2665u2665.