• Sewerage Rebellion

    In this puzzle game you are to occupy all the sectors of a sewer using special cannons.
  • Cafe Sliding Plates

    In this nice game you are to help a waiter to service all the clients as fast as he can.
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4

    Battle over 120 types of monsters, collect over 140 types of equipment and use over 130 different skills and spells!
  • Fruity Week

    It's harvest time! Go to your garden with a big basket and catch fruits falling from the trees.
  • Kizi Trek

    In this game, your job is to guide Kizi through three tricky worlds.
  • Monstercraft

    Breed your own army of monsters and robots by combining parts and DNA to create a powerful team.
  • Captain Zorro: The Secret Lab

    The Earth is in danger again!
  • Sinjid

    A Shinobi has been framed for the death of his master.