Mission in Space : the lost colony


  • Mission in Space : the lost colony Mission in Space : the lost colony

    Mission in Space : the lost colony

    By: StormAlligator

    Published: 2012-1-30

    Category: Strategy

    Rating: 4/5 rating


    Control up to 6 troopers and deliver a colony from an alien threat in this turn based tactical.

    This is our first flash game, we hope you’ll enjoy it :)


    12-01-29 (2)
    - corrected more typos. Thanks to everyone who pointed them out !
    - fixed bug in mission 8, left behind troopers are counted.
    - fixed another bug : you correctly get the badges when you are victorious in the last mission of an act even if you skipped that mission before.

    - corrected a few typos. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you see some, we’ll be more than happy to fix them.
    - in the upgrades page, the number of skill points is more visible – the number of HP now updates correctly in the interface bar when troopers regain HP thanks to Blake’s regeneration program.
    - new shortcut : X to end the turn. Use it carefully because you won’t have the warnings displayed when you roll over the next turn button.
    - Kong api implemented



    Mouse only with shortcuts :
    WASD to scroll (you can also click/drag the mouse or use the buttons on the sids)
    TAB : switch between troopers
    R : reload
    M : toggle mute

    About the aliens : They have 6 MP. They come out from the ventilation grids, so always have your troopers away from them and you should be ok !

    Stuck in the game ? If you’re stuck in a mission after mission 1, click the help icon for some advice and links to video walkthroughs !

    Hard mode : Finish mission 12 to unlock it.

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