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    My Little Army

    By: rudy_sudarto

    Published: 2011-4-28

    Category: Strategy

    Rating: 5/5 rating


    (Updated V1.04-Viral) 

    Three (or more?) heroes are fighting to conquer all Myth Balls. Who’ll win? You’ll decide! Play the adventures of three curious heroes and the Little Army! Mix and match ’em with 8 unique classes, 48 characters, and 96 weapons to beat dozen of missions in each scenario, and other rewarding quests!
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    “My Little Army is a very customizable war game that follows much in the steps of the Epic War series, but brings many new features to the table!”
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    Webmaster: You can grab the latest version , its being distributed now and for one who stole the game before its distributed, use this version . Lots of new featured being added.
    If you find a bug , glitch or suggestion to improve, whisper me or hit bug report.
    -freeze typo
    -"to much boss " quest update fix and rename to “oh snap! it’s GREG!” 
    - freeze spell balancing
    - small balancing secondary quest
    - Fast Forward button , now give me a 5 if you give 4 only because it dont have ff button :)
    - skip button fix
    - after ending info
    - faster giant enemy attack
    - Buy @ shop page fix
    - Upgrade lvl max bug fix

    - arrow keys to move the camera

    - 1-7 Spell hotkeys
    - q,w,e,r Unit hotkeys
    - A to swap spell/unit tab
    - space to cast spell
    Key note : 
    Your army can be customized on the “formation” page by mixing each unit’s 3 attributes: class, character, and weapon.
    Class determines the unit’s role on the battlefield. Different classes also use unique weapon types.
    The “character” attribute determines the unit’s appearance and base stats.
    Weapons each have their own stats and attack types.
    Collect new classes, characters and weapons by completing missions , quest and purchasing them from the shop.
    you can restart game story mission from beginning and select different hero with carry over item


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Stelios Arnaki Skordopoutsos 2014-5-16 walkthrough here: