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    Pocket Warriors

    By: Plumpman

    Published: 2011-11-17

    Category: Multiplayer

    Rating: 4/5 rating


    Pocket Warriors is an online PvP battle arena where
    you can create a personalized warrior to fight other players!

    NOTE: If your client is out of date, refresh or clear your cache.
    -Earn everything for free through prizes!

    -Collect 100’s of clothing items.
    -Choose between various weapons which determine your fighting style.
    -Gain experience and level-up.
    -Log in to your profile anywhere you go.
    -Become the best warrior!


    Client v1.16
    -Update Released
    NOTE: Refresh or clear your cache to see new client.

    v1.14 Changes/Fixes:
    -2v2 Rematches now keep teams the same.
    -Friends List Changes.
    (Your friends will be updated once they log in)
    -Custom Matches, Private Matches, Match Browser!
    -Invite your friends directly to your custom rooms!

    v1.10 Changes/Fixes:
    -New Costumes
    -New Weapon Sets and Weapons
    -XP/Gear Coin Boosters
    -Level Cap Raised to 20


Olivia Thomas 2012-4-1 nice song
Elzbieta Wiecek 2012-6-16 cool
Junior Jesus Armas 2012-6-23 me gusta :3.
Kaylee Brewer 2013-1-18 haha