• Feed Me Moar

    ollowing an experiment, the ordinary hamsters and other lab animals have become a real problem.
  • Pretentious Game 2

    It's time to move on. More platformer puzzles and surprise ending.
  • Slice the Box

    Here you must cut a paper box as preciously as you can to get different figures and earn as much points as possible.
  • Balls Brothers

    n this fantastic game you are to free a ball from a cage using different systems.
  • Qoosh

    We look forward to making science out of you.
  • Cosmo Gravity

    In this difficult game you should lead a brave astronaut through a dangerous space labyrinth full of deadly traps.
  • Urban Sniper 3

    Take out the targets and earn those big bucks.
  • Sewerage Rebellion

    In this puzzle game you are to occupy all the sectors of a sewer using special cannons.