The Last Castle


  • The Last CastleThe Last Castle

    The Last Castle

    By: Louissi

    Published: 2011-11-14

    Category: Action

    Rating: 5/5 rating


    The Last Castle of the Empire is under attack! Join your friends in this Multiplayer Coop Defense game and survive for as long as possible. Gain XP, select new skills and stats and try new strategies every game! As you progress, waves gets harder and harder.

    Control the Warrior, the Wizard or the Rogue. Each character is unique and needed on the battlefield to survive for a long time. Try them all!

    ** Important **
    Since this game is online, we cannot account for everyone's internet speed. You might experience some lag. We are sorry for any problem you might encounter due to that.


    Press the buttons on the action bar to move / attack. Its even better to use the shortcuts associated to these buttons.


Stelios Arnaki Skordopoutsos 2014-5-17 walkthrough here: