Vital Bloodshed


  • Vital BloodshedVital Bloodshed

    Vital Bloodshed

    By: Xdragonx10

    Published: 2011-5-12

    Category: Action

    Rating: 4/5 rating


    WARNING: This game is very CPU intensive, especially at later levels

    Stick shooting madness with explosions, guns, and enemies everywhere!
    4:09 AM 5/7/2011 – V 1.04 released
    I tried a bunch of things that should be able to help with lag assuming you pick the “okay” computer setting. If 
    you’re still having problems there is nothing more I can do, you really shouldn’t be having problems as I’ve 
    tested on very slow computers and have managed to run the game just fine
    8:32 PM 5/6/11 – V 1.03 released
    Bug Fixes:
    - Reticle should no longer vanish
    - Some spellings and typos have been fixed
    - Magicians’ spell will no longer stick on the screen
    - Achievements should be awarded that you have gotten at the beginning of the game if they were not awarded the 
    first time around
    - Your game’s progress will be saved when you beat the game
    4:30 PM 5/6/11 – V 1.02 released
    12:34 AM 5/5/11 – V 1.01 released

    WASD or Arrows to moves. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Space to pause and change settings.