• Frogout Walkthroughs

    Frogout Walkthroughs

      By NTFusion

    Frogout is an exciting physics game that takes place on a post-apocalyptic earth littered with toxic waste and sludge.
  • Ninja Mafia War Walkthroughs

    Ninja Mafia War Walkthroughs

      By NTFusion

    The ninja town become unsafe again because of a mafia organization. Help the ninjas to fight against the mafias by using various weapons and high-level skills.
  • Raid Mission Walkthroughs

    Raid Mission Walkthroughs

      By NTFusion

    James, Malcom, Victoria and Brad; a special and highly trained elite police unit. Buy and equip their gear and guide them through dangerous missions by commanding the turn based fire fights.
  • Fatty Genius Walkthroughs

    Fatty Genius Walkthroughs

      By NTFusion

    Our fatty protagonist is a huge genius in a every respect! Help the chunky inventor find a way through the levels by using his remote controlled ball to access the hard-to-reach places.